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Pick time to send

Pick time to send

I would really like to be able to schedule times on when my email will go out or at least pick a 2-3 hour window when it will go out. I REALLY don't want my emails going out after work hours or weekends since I'm doing a B2B business.

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It would be WAY more useful if the auto respond email series could be scheduled on certain days instead of # of days/weeks etc. When signing people up, everyone joins the list at different times so having them receive an email the exact same time as everyone else does would be easier to manage as a program coordinator.
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Hi - it would be really useful if you could choose which time that the automated birthday email goes out. We use it throughout our company but seeing as how the birthday email sends at 9pm when everyone in the office is gone home, it is pretty pointless. I would prefer to manually send the email myself!
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We want to start using the Auto-Responder feature but we can only see a good use for it if we were able to schedule the auto-responder email for a specific day and time. 


Right now, the only options for when to send is: immediately after contact is added to a list, hours after, days after, or weeks after. We don't see these as viable options

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I would like to schedule what time of day I send an automated email. For example, the automated birthday emails cannot be scheduled to send at a particular time on the recipient's birthday. They are going out at different times.