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Please Provide an On/Off option for coupons to appear immediately after claiming

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Would you please consider adding an on/off checkbox to control having coupons appear immediately after being claimed. Why? We provide very valuable coupons to prospective customers in exchange for their e-mail address so we can market to them in the future. Problem: If a customer enters an illegitimate e-mail address, the valuable coupon still shows up immediately after they claim it so they get the coupon but if they use an illegitimate e-mail address, we can't reach them again. We give out $10 coupons so we're at great exposure and vulnerability if we can't at least get their legitimate e-mail address in return for the $10 coupon. As you know, most e-mail marketing platforms send anything of value to a new customer ONLY THROUGH THE E-MAIL ADDRESS THEY PROVIDE to help ensure it's a legitimate address for additional marketing (auto-responders, campaign, coupons, etc.). Providing us the option to toggle the immediate coupon appearance on/off would allow us to choose how the customer should get access to our valuable coupons. Thanks for your consideration. Dan Malone Happy Hollow Tavern 715-834-4601 danielmalone@charter.net
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Thanks for the feedback! At this time we will be closing this idea due to the number of votes it has received. Feel free to come back at any point to post your idea again. 

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