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We just completed our Early Childhood Conference. Registrations went smoothly. Most comments from the registrant was that the form was easy to use. Few comments from the website person as well as registrants were as follows: ` No search bar to quickly locate a registrant. ` Registrations were done by the schools. When there is multiple registrations anywhere from 10 to 50, we were not able to quickly find a registrant without checking with the school who registered the person, then locate their name on the report, open the report to check the names of the registrants. Not an easy task. Once we got to the name we were looking for we could make an edit on the names or substitution. Our registrants commented that only one credit card was allowed. If the school registered 50 and then went back to register the rest of the group, they were blocked out from using their same school credit card. I guess I need to check with Wepay on this issue right? Here is what our website person who did the form had to say. Please email me fixes or if there is an easier way that we are not familiar with to do things. The downside: 1. there is no search function to find any registered attendee by name (crazy!) 2 changing event or ticket details (and deadline dates) is a multi-step process 3. changing registered guests information is a complicated multi-step process 4. deleting or refunding registered guests is a complicated multi-step process 5. registration list is limited to being sorted by last name only. 6. Event Spot is not able to tie in financial reporting from the credit card processor. Whatever input you can pass on to us will be greatly appreciated. Thank you HawaiiAEYC

Thanks for sharing this feedback. A search box is a great idea. I can understand how big of a help it would be in larger events. Changing or updating guests can be a challenge from both sides. We understand the need to make changes but we also have to keep the payment and customer information secure. Happy to make sure all of your topics are seen by our engineering team!


One note, we don't prevent you from using the same credit card more than once but I can't speak for a payment processor. They could prevent this on their end so the registration would show as abandoned.

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