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RSVP .csv Report needs all *required info on it

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RSVP .csv Report needs all *required info on it

When I run a report of all RSVPs for our events, I require a phone number to be entered, but when I download the CVS report, it does not show up.  This requires me to go back to the page and click on Details to copy and paste each number into my spreadsheet, so we can call and confirm attendance to our event.  We've found this helps attendance.  It would be so helpful if the CVS captured the phone number along with what it already captures.  (I do like seeing the date and time the person RSVPed.)  Thanks!

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Thank you for the feedback @JosephC436.


It sounds like you are trying to run what we call a 'Custom Report' in our product.  This will allow you to choose which fields you export. 


The following FAQ should help you accomplish what you're trying to do: