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Can you fix the RSVP option to let you edit when a calendar appointment is sent? If someone selects "No I will not be attending", they should not be getting a calendar appointment.

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Hello @TammyL50122,


Thank you for bringing this up, this is great feedback. I've gone ahead and opened this for voting.


Would love is CC could add a form to any RSVP who is attending an event. I know they have the pop-up for people who are not on the contact list, but it isn't very helpful since we are intentionally sending our emails to a gathered lists of contacts.


There are ways to get around it (using an event option) but I'm sure many people expect there to be a follow up after they RSVP instead of getting a "thank you for your RSVP" window. I really wish we could also get their name and phone numbers (optional) for every person who attends the event. Also, the number of guests they are bringing!