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The new system of surveys isn't as good as the old system. In the legacy system we could create a question with different categories that we could rate on a scale of words that we could choose. The new system does not allow us to do this and would require me to take one question with a few lines and create a new question for each line. For example, I wanted families to rate our facilities in terms of cleanliness, repair, equipment. In the old system I had these listed and I could choose the rating that I wanted (poor, fair, good, etc) for all of these in the same question. Now this has to be a separate question for cleanliness, another question for good repair, another question for properly equipped, etc. In my mind, the old system had more options and was a better tool. I won't be using your surveys anymore. I'm forced to use Google. Thank you for listening.

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Hi @LarryE6 thanks for sharing this feedback with us! Being able to create a survey ranking question that is not on a numerical scale is a feature request we are currently collecting feedback on. In fact we have opened up your idea so other users can weigh in on this as well.

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The legacy survey tool has the ability to pose a question and the answer choice is a ranking scale where you can specify the ranks (ex. Strongly agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree, etc.). This feature no longer exists in the new survey tool. You can only select a numeric scale that only allows you to name the first and last rank but not the ones in between, or a rank order that doesn't allow you to label the ranks. It appears the only option is to use checkboxes which stacks the options vertically. The ranking scale in the legacy survey tool would list the scale horizontally and allow you to add multiple statements to the scale. This is a loss of functionality with the new tool.

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