Rates for Members vs. Non-Members

Our organization provides events for our members at a discounted rate to entice registrants to join the chapter. What we would like to see is the systems ability to designate contacts within our system as "Members" so that they can automatically get a discounted rate at registration with out having to send out a discounted code. All others that register for the event that are not designated as members would have to pay the Non-member standard rate. For example: If a Member registers they are provided a $30 rate automatically by the system verifying the email address as a member. When a Non-Member signs up they will be provided a $50 rate. Thanks!
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Thanks for posting, this is a great idea!

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I have the same problem. Is there a solution?

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This problem could be solved if CC allowed discounts to be assigned to mailing lists - members in one list that get price A, non-members in a different list get price B, and VIPs in the guest email list can register for free...


This would make Eventspot a much more powerful tool.


Is there any traction with this? currently looking at switching from CC to Wild Apricot because we really need a few things CC doesn't provide, and this is one of the bit ones!

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