Registrant able to cancel own event registration?

We are trying to use Events to advertise and schedule staff training. But it is a pain to have to cancel individual registrations. I would like to see the ability for the registrant to cancel an their own event registration. Has this enhancement request been entered?

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Would it not be appropriate to provide a capability for self-registrants to be able to free up their spot for awaiting registrants,when a list is closed as full?
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Although this system has made my work-life ALOT easier, there are still a couple features that would be greatly helpful!! I wish there was an initial set-up option to allow or not allow registrants to cancel their initial registration after they have already registered. It tells them to contact administrator and doesn't allow them to cancel/un-register. It creates so much admin work for me to get emails from people saying they registered and cannot attend now due to whatever. Then I have to log in and go through the steps to cancel them. I received several requests from one team because many people had not asked permission from leadership prior to registering. The other request would be to allow copying an event and email after it has been closed. I use the same event/emails often and just modify dates/times/locations, so this function would be extremely helpful as well. Thanks Constant Contact team! By the way, you have AMAZING customer service and I recommend you to all my business colleges.
The only way your system allows a registrant to cancel is to send a note to us, and we have to go in and manually cancel the person. This is very inefficient and adds work. You should make it possible to include a Cancel Registration link in confirmation/reminder emails.

Thanks for posting this feedback! What types of information would you like to be able to have your registrants edit?

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There should be a page for someone to be able to cancel their registration. Similar to the "Decline Someone" page. We often times have people who wish to cancel their registration and rather than require me to manually do it. It would be nice if they could fill out a form and cancel themselves.
I would like my registrants to be able to go back to their registration and make changes when necessary. Not having this feature is a pain. I have seen a few posts where this feature has been asked for since at least 2010 with the promise that it was COMING SOON. It is almost 2016 and the feature is still not available 😞
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I keep getting calls of those who did not register correctly. It would be nice to be able to cancel someone or even add items to their registrations that they previously forgotten. Is this something you are working on so we don't have to stop and call, wait for you to come on the phone and get this taken care or?
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The event confirmation email should include a link for people to cancel, or at least the option to modify the message to insert an "I can't make it" HTML link.


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I love using your program for our event registrations because it makes it so easy for people to register and we don't have to man the phones.  However, what I am realizing is that we really need an electronic cancellation process.  Way more people register than actually show up (our events are free) and we are left guesstimating the number of no shows.  Can you please consider adding an electronic event cancellation feature in to your system?





I would like my registrants to be able to go back to their registration and make changes when necessary. Not having this feature is a pain. It creates so much admin work for me to get emails from people saying they registered and cannot attend now due to whatever. 


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In addition to registrants being able to cancel themselves, it would also be helpful if there was a way for them to add themselves to a waiting list. We have to ask them to call us and manually track the waiting list.
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Is this ever going to be a feature? To have folks unregister themselves?


The seems like  missing key feature. Has this still not been added as an option? Not only does it reduce administrative time if the registrant can handle cancellations, it would also provide the host organization great flexibility to adjust items (sessions) on more complex events without getting duplicate reservations. Please make this feature a priority!!




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