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My customers (and me as well) have experienced continued issues with processing the registration page for events. When you click "register now" you are redirected to the exact page with all of the fields stripped out. Occasionally, one email address field will remain. This can occur several times before the registration "might" go through. As you might imagine, this is creating a lot of confusion resulting in numerous calls to me to rectify.


Today, (10-8-18) I call Constant Contact and worked with Donna Powell (who was great) in an effort to discover the root of the problem. Unfortunately we were not able to resolve the issue. Donna did mention that CC is aware that there is a glitch in the system but most of their resources are concentrating on the merger with Event Bright. She wasn't sure when this issue would be addressed.


While I can certainly understand how taxing it is to merge with another provider, as a long-time customer I find this disappointing and impactful on my work flow. When will you be addressing problems with your current customers?

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Hi @DebS1


I'm sorry for any trouble that this issue has caused you or your customers. Currently our developers are focused on integrating Eventbrite and it's features into our system. While we are not currently committing resources to updating our Events program, I'm going to take your feedback back to our engineering team. If there are any updates or changes to these plans, I will make sure that your are notified.


Thank you for using Constant Contact,

Rob L.

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