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I, myself, had my own registration go to my spam folder and only looked at the folder when I was on the phone with CC help. She said it was a "glitch" and not all confirmations go to spam. So now another email has to go out to tell everyone I originally sent EventSpot that they need to check their spam folder for registration information???? Very disappointed.

HI @LifeShare 

I am very sorry to hear this happened. Every email client and settings are a little different so not everyone's confirmation email would respond the same way. There are a couple of things you can do to prevent this from happening. First, if you email these contacts outside of the Event emails, ask them to add your from email address to their contact list, or address book. This will make sure that email from that address goes to their inbox instead. If you are not already using Authentication in the account we would recommend turning this on. 


You can also change the from email address within the Event (Event Organizer) if there is an email address you have a better sending reputation with. 

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