Reopen a closed event

Please can you look at providing the option to re-open an event, which has closed.


Thanks for sharing this feedback!

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It would se so helpful to be able to edit an event after the date has lapsed. Very important for rescheduled events!! Thank u

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This would really help. Especially for reporting. Once the event is closed you cannot go back and run any of the reports.


 Did this ever happen because I could really use it right now?

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Agree with this suggestion as well. We had to postpone an event - but the event date passed before i was able to update it and thus the event closed permanently.  I don't want to make everyone who already registered have to re-register. Would LOVE if there were someway to get this event re-opened. 

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It would be helpful to add attendees even after the event has taken place.

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When setting up our 3 month long weekly event I clicked the option to not have a closing date. We like to leave our events open throughout the entire event as well as beyond the final dates. The event closed last night after the opening day. Please make a "re-open" feature so that if an event closes, it can be re-opened. Now I'll try to work around this serious problem by creating a new duplicate event so we can continue registration but we have lost the feature of maintaining a complete registry and email service to notify updates and changes for our registrants. PLEASE consider this request as I understand from your tech support (he was very polite and helpful to the limit of the programming) that many others have made a similar request. Thank you for considering my request.
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Hello, We had two events we had to reschedule due to Hurricane Irma. Because the original events in Constant Contact had dates that were old by the time we had power and internet, we couldn't edit those events and had to create new events. Our attendees are still able to attend, but there is no way we can transfer those attendees over to the new dates. Also, for those attendees who had already paid, when we manually re-register them, they will get a confirmation email that automatically fills in their non-payment status, even though they have paid. I have no way to change that, and have to manually send them another email that assures them we do still have them marked as paid. I would greatly appreciate more customization and automation in the events that would address these issues. Thank you!

Example: We were using EventSpot to collect RSVPs from our staff members for our annual holiday party in December. The day of the party, we had snow so abruptly had to reschedule for another date. On searching the knowledge base, there was no way to reopen the event and change the date and other details so as to keep the registrants - I had to copy the old event, change the date/time etc, send a new email and ask people to RSVP all over again. We don't have the resources to manually enter everyone plus their guests. It has created confusion among those who registered for the original party, even though we specified they had to RSVP again. Can it be possible to reopen an event after the scheduled event date, in the event of a postponement or rescheduling so that we don't lose the attendees?

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Hello @StacieB23241,


I completely understand the frustration and do apologize. At this time we do not have a way to reopen a closed Event. We are tracking this feedback and will keep it in mind when deciding our planning with our Event system. Thank you for bringing this up.


It would nice top be able to re-open an event to extend registration deadlines.


this needs to happen. I asked customer support and they suggested exporting to excel and typing that the person attended into the workbook and saving it... totally not a useful response


I agree. I wanted to go in and review/update the discount codes to an event that just passed but there is no way to do so and I need to make sure they are totally updated for next year.


Please make this possible. I'm struggling because I cannot reopen an event today.  

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yes, in a spreadsheet input format. I have registered people by going to the registration form. But that is labor intensive and not good for more than a handful of people. 

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It would be helpful if I could rename an event after it's closed. I can rename other campaigns, just not closed events.


I also agree that re-opening a closed event would be very helpful.

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Yes, this would be a useful feature. Going through Excel is a fair amount of work for such a simple function.


YES! Please look into the option of re-opening an event after it is closed. This would be very helpful, especially when tracking attendees who want to change their registration information after an event has been closed. 


Agreed. We had a few attendees at our event who had not managed to register officially.  I would like the followup email to go to them, and to count them in our numbers (which we must do for reporting).  Because CC doesn't have an option to go add them retroactively, our whole process becomes more complicated.  (Forwarding them the followup email from my own address?  Never able to run a report that reflects them from CC).

It would be helpful if we had an option to re-open events. I often have something like a deadline for tickets or event entries and then people want to know if we can extend the date. If the program is already passed, even by a few minutes, I can no longer just turn it back on. If there was an option to do that, it would save me a lot of work (and copying of events.)
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I agree and also would like to have this option.  Frustrating to have to recreate an event when it would be so easy to just extend the end date.


I also need to know if this has changed. When we first created the event we set an end date, but then the event was extended and we did not realize the initial end date was still listed on the "basics" page. It has now changed to closed (even though the event is not complete) and we still need the list of registrants who already registered, as well as to reopen the event to allow more people to register. How can we re-open it?


Wow!!! What an oversight in development in the first place!! And I can't believe it's almost been a year without a solution.


Here I am facing the same issue one year later than this thread opened! I need to re-open as well but can't. can't transfer people to a new event I have to open due to not being able to edit the dates. Poor, poor development and response to correct... please do so ASAP!

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In the section: Do you want registration to close automatically? If you select Yes, at a maximum number of people the event will close at that maximum and will not allow you to open it. I would like the option to open it should I get cancellations and more seats become available or if I have a business sending a confirmed # of 5 people but do not know the names of attendees, I would like to reduce the number of seats and add them when I get them. This would be so I do not over book the event/training. Thank you in advance for considering this option.
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It would be great to be able to re-open an event to register walk-ins for appropriate accounting for # of guests and application of payments for report reconciliation.
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I agree! Or let us open the event back up so someone can register. My events are funded by a grant and we have to gather demographic data from our participants. Sometimes it's a closed event and we already know everyone that is attending, but since I have already created a demographic survey with constant contact, that's what we use the day of the event. Now, I am pretending the event is on a later day and hiding that information from the participants so they can still register. I don't see why I can't choose when it closes, or open it up after it does. 

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I agree.  Currently I have to register all walk-ins that day of the event or else I cannot enter them.


I also agree



Yes, please add the option to re-open events ASAP.  This has been a consistent request for over FIVE years. (TL)

We have an event hat has closed and would like to extend it more days. Editing it does not seem to work.
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I offer events that span several meetings. I would like to reopen the event. I don't know a way to offer multi-date event with calendar links for each date.


Please allow editing of events that have already taken place.


Some of the information listed at the top of an old registration page about my organization is no longer accurate, so it needs to be changed. Currently our only options are to delete the event altogether, or keep inaccurate information online. We'd like to keep it online as an example of events we've held in the past.


Also, in the past we have run into the same issue people here speak up:  rescheduling an event is impossible if the original date has passed.

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Chiming in here to lobby for this to be a thing in 2020 and beyond. We recently had to re-schedule an event due to a hurricane (#2020). With hundreds of registrants, I'm at a loss for what to do. I'm considering re-creating the event for new registrants, but then taking our previous registrant list and emailing them off to the side with the new event and virtual log-in information. But wow what a difference it would make if there were a "This event was re-scheduled" button and we could simply TRANSFER all existing registrants to the new event date. Pretty please???


With all the postponed events due to COVID this feature is critical. PLEASE make this a priority!


I am using Constant Contact for the first time to collect registrations for an event. The event was postponed and I can not believe there is no way to reschedule it in the system. 


Especially in light of rescheduled events during a pandemic, you really need to allow event sponsors to reopen events after they're closed. Here's our situation: We postponed a December 2020 event due to Covid, but didn't realize we also needed to change the date in Constant Contact. Now that we realized it, we have 113 registrants and the event is deemed closed, but we can neither reopen the event to keep using building on that registration database, nor can we download then upload the registration data into a new event. Nor, according to one of your support reps, can your people do any of this in the back end.


That really sucks. So the only alternative seems to be to download the registration data report and use that offline, and to create a new event with the new dates and essentially start from scratch, meaning two separate databases of registration info for the same event.


You really need an option to re-open events. Especially in light of rescheduled events.


Unless there is some sort of rational for not being able to re-open an event after the closing date, this absolutely needs to be an option. Between Covid and rescheduling, allowing more registrants, and just the changing nature of events, this option is a must.

Or, if not, is there a way to transfer all registrants to the new Event (after copying the current one)?

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We need this feature!


Yes, please allow events to reopen.  This is such a pain!  When something closes or an event changes, you can't access the information.  Making a copy then requires you to reorganize the data in the contacts and send separate information.  URGH. 

Does CC still NOT allow user to edit ending date on an event that has already "ended" in the CC system?  Even if the CC user (me -- a.k.a event organizer) has to reschedule the event to a future date?

Does anyone know if this issue(defect?) exists with ?


I can't believe this request is from 2014 and 8 years later, still no action or feedback from Constant Contact, when clearly this is an important fix or enhancement to the system.

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Sad to see that this is not available. Have to keep track of those walk-ins elsewhere


I would appreciate the ability to re-open a registration that is closed. What is the downside? 

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This is something that's been asked for for many years. Would like to see events able to be re-opened after they've closed! Now that I've shared the link to the original event, any invitations/flyers/etc that were sent out then will no longer have the correct URL. Frustrating!


We had to postpone an event - but the event date passed before i was able to update it and thus the event closed permanently.  I don't want to make everyone who already registered have to re-register. Would LOVE if there were someway to get this event re-opened. 

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We are working on an updated event experience in a more advanced tool. While we do not have an update or timeline to share or can guarantee any kind of commitment on how we will be handling event statuses and the possibility of reopening closed events, we hope this indicates some awareness that we have heard your feedback and could be taken under consideration while we are building out this tool.

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