Rigistration Process Need to be updated

We recently held our first event using constant contact and the online registration process and emails worked very good.  On the day of the event and thereafter there are a few important items that were lacking.


Consideration needs to be taken for walk-in attendees.  Going online and having to register individuals, after our event, manually is not what I/we expected from Constant contact.  There should be an easier way to interface this, where the meeting director can easily add a person as a walk-in or update an individual’s registration without having to cancel their entire registration and repeat the process.


The option to check-in attendees using a computer would be nice.  Similar to the App, but this is unavailable. 

When I saw your link that you had an app to assist check-in I was excited to try it out.  This was disappointing and a waste of memory on my ipad.  Your product does not offer options to register walk-ins, check-in individuals that were registered by others, or to modify options a registrant might have.  If I’m not able to check-in all attendees then it’s not worth using.  These are very important aspects that should be corrected and made available to organizations.  As a professional organization we hold meetings, events, and email groups on a regular basis.  Your product is good, but please consider adding these necessary features.

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Great ideas, thanks for posting!

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