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Search Functionality --Registrants

Search Functionality --Registrants

I've asked for this many times before:


Create a functionality that allows us to search within all our event registrations for registrants. I get requests all the time: "I attended one of your programs, but I don't know when or who the speaker was. Can you send me a certificate?"


I have to guess what they attended, or the general time of year they attended, etc., and then open each event to search for them.


Please add this!

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(1) Add a Search form to the Manage Registrations database  to allow search for a single name. The names are currently sortable A-Z or Z-A and then the name must be searched for manually. That's lame.


(2) Allow addition of other sortable data cells to the “Manage Registrations” database display, such as city, state, and others.

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Thank you for this feedback. The "Search" function is a popular request. Hopefully we'll see this soon. Your other requests have been noted too!
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As an EventSpot user, there are a few features about it that I find frustrating. If other's have the same issues, I wonder if it might be worth adding some fixes. 


On reporting, it would be helpful to have an option to only export registrations and not include cancellations. 


When you're viewing the list of registrants, it is helpful that you can sort but it would be more helpful if there was a built in search function for quickly pulling up a registration that you need to modify or verify (similar to in the app). 


In the EventSpot emails, it would be nice to have an option for a mobile friendly (single pane) email template. With so many users now viewing emails on their phone, it is nice to send last minute updates (parking info, etc) to guests in a mobile template which currently requires me to go out to the normal email pane and create a mobile email and send to an exported list from EventSpot. 


Would anyone else find these helpful?

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Thanks for posting this feedback, Tom! Please continue to share any ideas you have and vote on ideas you would like to see implemented.


We need a solution to this problem:


Here is my problem:


  • A registrant requests that her email address be changed.
  • She registered several months previously
  • She is somewhere in a list of 810 registrants
  • Listing all registrants on my screen will be 17 pages
  • I want to find her quickly NOT scroll through all 17 pages
  • CC online Chat person suggests download excel csv file - been there, done that, did not help.


Bottom line I need a way to QUICKLY find and change my registrants email address.

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Yes--I have people who came to one of our events a few years back, but they aren't sure which one. I'd very much like to be able to search all registrants of events within a certain time frame, etc.


Please add a 'search' option to EventSpace. I have pages and pages of events... finding one to copy can take a lot of time. A quick search feature would be helpful!

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