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There should be a way to select the start date (or end date or middle date for that matter, why limit ourselves!) for an autoresponder campaign based on a date field in the contact entry. This would enable so many possibilities! Our use case involves an end user signing up for an educational online learning product. We want to offer timely information and promote product engagement by sending emails at regularly spaced intervals based on the age of the user’s newborn baby, as defined by the child’s due date field or child’s birthday field within the parent’s contact entry. You could also send a reminder Anniversary (or Birthday) email AND a follow up Anniversary (or Birthday) email. Why are we limited to 14 days before the date in the field?


Great idea, thank you for the feedback. 

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Please Please Please - add the functionality wherein emails can be triggered by date and not just by days, hours, etc. This functionality will open up an unlimited number of business processes that are currently of out of scope because of this limited functionality Example - I own a vacation property management company - everything is date driven from initial checkin, to followup communications, to planning for checkout, to review requests.
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