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This is our first time using ConstantContact for mass email/event management. I recently set up an event where we sent groups of contacts emails from individual sales personnel about our event. Through that process, there were several time consuming bugs. The template code wouldn't actually adjust to the code entered. I had to call and have the customer service person use a weird work-around for a basic change in layout (content and side-bar swap). Following that, navigating away from the email mid-set-up and coming back disabled the email from being scheduled. So copies had to be made of every email that needed to be navigated away from...which happened for a number of reasons: checking contact lists, interruptions, etc. Not to mention email's inability to register a certain tag we set up so we had to make a new, temporary contact list, then go back and make a new copy of the email. We finally got all of the emails out and got to the point where a follow up email was needed, however, while your service allows for emails to be sent from individuals - it doesn't provide the option to email non-responders by individual contact list, tag group or campaign email. It only allows for one mass email to all of the non-responders. So we had to go in and set up individual reminder emails for every sales person, after creating a custom list that filtered out the contacts who had responded already. I went in and set up all of those reminder emails - copying the content from one email to the next to try and maintain some semblance of efficiency, only to discover that when the email content was copied and pasted, the email no longer recognized the areas that draw the contact's personal information and instead our 200 contacts received a clearly mass generated email, greeted something like "Hi (contacts first name)".


The following items should be addressed to provide a lot more functionality and usability:

1. The error that reads you have no contacts list on an campaign email, after you have navigated away from it - even if you have a full contact list selected, and disallows you from scheduling the email, needs to be fixed. This is the second week I am privy to this issue and it is a very basic need/function.

2. Your email templates should support the swap of the content and side-bar without issue. Even at the CSS level I could not get this to work - nor could your staff. People read left to right, the content of an email should be able to be on the right as a main option. Nor a jury-rigged solution that your customer service team has to be called for (although I appreciated their help).

3. You should have the option to email non-responders from each campaign email - not just the campaign as a whole. Even if it's simply a solution to make a new email but provides an easy 1-click way to choose the contact list while filtering already registered contacts.

4. If email content is copied and pasted from one email to another, your system should recognize the auto-fill, personalized content in parenthesis, or at least identify the parenthesis content exists and provide a warning that something more official needs to be done in order for the system to actually recognize that as pull-through content.

5. It would be nice is one could right-click on the main menu icons on the left-hand side of the screen and get the "open in new window" option so that contacts can be reviewed while in an email set up, especially since you cannot navigate away from an email currently without having to redo it. Not sure if thats a system issue or a browser issue, but it seems to work on other sites fine. Thank you.

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I think it is terrible that I have an event created and then when I go to send emails/invitations out, it essentially makes me recreate it. Such a waste of my time.
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