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Hi. I have been a Constant Contact user on and off for many years. I have a decent understanding and usage of event, fundraising and membership management software tools. I just recently signed up to help migrate a membership group I am on the board of to CC. Our first event is a Photo Fundraiser, which means a 2-day event with various sessions (time slots) that constituents need to choose from. I did discuss this with your tech support team, and the work around is less than optimal. I understand that CC is working on a big Event and Email update, so I am hopeful that this type of event will be addressed. 2 BIG issues with how it is now 1.)Issue, I had to duplicate the event 20 times to allow for sign-ups of a specific time slot. Then I set up an email, had to link each event with it's time slot to a button on the email. So when ppl sign up they can't tell which event is full and are clicking around. Super frustrating for the end user and super time-consuming for me.  2.) Issue, we have to use our Church's payment system, and I can not include a button in the Event page or even in the registration confirmation, so I am instructing them to come back to the email (after registering) to pay. Equally frustrating and difficult to manage.  I am more than happy to discuss this further with you. Thank you

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Hi @ShellynS8 thank you for sharing this feedback with us! Being able to select time slots on an even campaign is a great feature request. How does setting these time slots as items for sale not fit your needs? As for your payments, what kind of payment system are you looking for through our event campaigns? Currently payments can be collected through credit cards, PayPal, check, and cash payments at the door.

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None of the technical support people I spoke to mentioned this. They aren't really Items for Sale, so I wouldn't want it to say that. But, if I could manipulate the verbiage then, but I still have the issue that the sessions span two days. I would imagine someone might want the same feature if they are hosting a conference with different seminars/talks. As for the pay feature It is through our Church (kind of like a parent group), so ideally I want people to register and be directed to that site. It's PushPay for the reference. A close second would be the ability to place a button within my event landing page and/or on the event confirmation page so they pay. I know I can do this in an email, but it isn't able to be done in an event. Please let me know if you have a way now that I am missing, or that it's coming down the pipeline! TY

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