Sharing Results to 3rd Party

We have a private organization and sometimes we create surveys for a 3rd party company to see how our members react. It would make it easier for me if there was a way to share individual results with the 3rd party without having to print them all and scan them. Or having a way to export all the individual results with their comments into a PDF.... Or just creating a link so I can share all the individual responses to a survey. Reason why I can't give them overall results... We're trying to find out what each member does on their own. Were not trying to get an overall result. On another note. When I try to print the surveys and use the arrow to switch to the next one, they're never in order! And I can never tell which way the arrow is going to take me. I usually start from the 1st submitted survey and work my way up. It becomes very glitchy. Also, printing individual survey - sometimes it only prints the 1st page so I have to copy the whole thing and paste it into a word doc. to make it work. Thank you! Sophie Donovan
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