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Asking for a text box for customization in addition to variety
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Hi @BernadeF what information are you looking to collect through your shoppable landing page?

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Hi there! I called in and checked to see if customers are automatically added to a list when purchasing using the Shoppable landing page-- the associate said yes... Have you heard anything different?

Thank you for your feedback.


It also looks the the website store and the shoppable landing page seem to handle the same product?

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I also wanted to know if they wanted a black background and white letters--did they want to add  red leaves golden acorns-- or other notes to help customize/personalize their order

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Hi @BernadeF you are correct, when customers purchase something from your store, they can opt in to a mailing list of your choice, so that you can send them targeted emails in the future. As for open ended questions on your landing page,  this is a great feature request we have opened so other users can weigh in as well. As a workaround we suggest creating a special instructions option during checkout or sending a follow up survey for further instructions regarding personalized products.

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I have items I want to put on my website store and in points of sale stores that have personalization options. Like their names, dates, etc. However, your variants allow choices of size, color, etc they do not offer a text field to allow the person to enter their personalization request for the item. This would be hugely beneficial to my business to have this option. I don't want to have to go and get another store in order to offer these products. i can't imagine I am your only customer who could benefit from having this option. Your attention to this is greatly appreciated. Take Care, Amanda - Simply Flamazing Art.
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