Short link to event registration

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Short link to event registration

Can you add a field under the Event URL where the short link will show up? It's annoying that I have to go into Simple Share for every event to copy the short link when it should be more visible.


Thank you

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Hello @laura_b_creative , 


Thank you for posting this idea, I can see how this would be helpful to many of our customers.  I have moved this to our Feedback area, so that it can be voted on to potentially become a new feature within our product.  





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Thanks Samantha.


I recently converted my account to Toolkit and realized that there is an option to get the Short URL as part of the drop down on the Campaigns page.


I would love if this Short URL option was available for all campaign types.




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Need the ability to have a public share link to be able to provide event registrant info to my staff. I don't want this available to other guests, just to people I send the link to. Similar to what you can do for survey monkey and google forms results.