Show event invitations on Campaigns page

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email invitations tied to events do not show up in the regular email list, they should

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Thank you for the feedback @RickB47286

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Can you PLEASE put a scheduled emails tab across the top that easily lets you see all of the emails you have scheduled to go out and when??? We used to be able to see this without having to go into each event... When you have multiple events scheduled, each with multiple emails, it's very inefficient to have to go into each event and see when you have things scheduled. One place that notes all of the scheduled emails and times would be so much more efficient and user-friendly!!

Would Constant Contact *please* list emails sent from events in the GENERAL list of emails, instead of hiding them *within* the events themselves! I can think of no user-side reason for this and it's really frustrating to spend time looking for them where they *should* be listed and then remember that they’re attached / stuck / hidden / whatever within the event itself. What on earth is the rationale for that? Thanks
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