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Sort Function in Events

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Could you please allow sorts in custom reports which can include quantity only, item only and price only, rather than bundling these sorts together? I love your product constant contact and event registration. I use the items for classes that we offer and need to develop class lists from the excel spread sheet. We register over 400 students each quarter and with 38-40 classes you can see how enormous this spreadsheet is. Also, is it possible to give the manager of Constant Contact Events the ability to add or change classes (items) when someone registers and makes a mistake? The way it works now, is we cancel the person's information, save a copy of the details (which we usually print or take a picture of) and then re-enroll them with previous information they input into the system. A way to add new classes or delete classes in the Detail section of the registrant would be great, but may not be possible. You have a wonderful platform, and as a non-profit we are so very thankful we have enrolled in your services. I look forward to your response. Director@lifetimelearningcenter.org Ellis Waller 714-614-7402
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Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @EllisW9. I'm happy to hear that our Event tool is useful for your class registration! I agree that with so many class offerings, the spreadsheet created for the custom report is large. I'll open this up for voting along with the request to be able to edit registrants' items. 

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