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There's no option to sort your event by how the people registered? i.e. Choice of A, B or C?
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 Hi @GinnyS68


There is not a way within the account to sort by registration choices. However, you can export a report of your registrants, and any options that they chose for registration will show within the exported file. We have an FAQ that may help available here.



Rob L.


Hi there, 


I was wondering if the developers would be able to build a feature into the event attendance section that could categorize and sort attendees by which events they are attending within a conference? Currently, we just get one number for all attendees registered. I would like to be able to see numbers for: all attendees registered and number of attendees registered per session. 


We hold large events and sorting through attendance to manually count how many events people have signed up for is not a good use of time. I like this tool, so it would be great if attendance could be sorted into a break down of how any people have selected certain event sessions. 


Additionally, it would be nice if there was an option for people to be able to cancel their registration on their own if they cannot attend. We get many emails from people wishing to cancel their registration. 

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