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Sorting events by the date of the event

Sorting events by the date of the event

I would like to have the ability to sort my events by the newest to oldest based on the date they are occuring rather than the date they were created. Can this option be added to the sorting options?

I do not like the new layout now I can't find my events and my surveys. I liked that they were separate one for events and one for surveys.

The new design makes it very difficult to find events that are in the future, because of the date they were created.  I prefer the old way, when my events were in order by the event date. Don't understand why, if something isn't broke you have to change it to make it harder.

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I really don't like how we are no longer able to sort by date of event. Instead of sorting by date of event, it only sorts by date of event "created". This makes it much harder to find events for me. I have to strain my eyes, and sometimes it takes me quite a while. Please, please, please bring back the ability to sort by date of event. Thank you for your consideration.

Yes, bring back the Event Center and allow us to see all of the events listed chronically by the event date, as well as the date created or modified!


Can you immediately add a search feature to be able to search by the date of the event? This would help until a search feature can be added. Kind regards, Donna M. Fancey 902-543-1067
Solution Provider

I'm extremely disappointed in the latest upgrade of CC. You will see from my account that I run monthly events. I run a business women's network. Since the upgrade it has proved extremely difficult to find these events and to check the booking details. Last night I was so frustrated by the amount of time taken to find today's event that I contacted Chat Support, who also had great difficulty with the process taking around 45 mins. I was told that a new Search feature was forthcoming, but when I asked about timescales was told that it's not even in Beta. Wishful thinking I think. This really isn't good enough CC and not what I expect from you. What makes it worse is that we have no-one in the UK to act on our behalf now, although I have been allocated a Partner Support, who I'll copy into this detail. Please sort this issue! I dd not wish to post this to the Community - but don't know how else to make ths complaint.

Solution Provider

 The heading on ths should have been - EVENTS - Searchng

It would be ideal if it actually gave you the current open events instead of just the last email campaigns you sent out. I constantly have to fumble through all of the email campaigns to find my events. The new system is very cumbersome.
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Why can events be ordered by the date they occur. I'm getting completed events mixed with upcoming events . . . . don't like this change.
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Why when you pull up campaigns it give no sorting options? An event that has closed is at the top. Why? I'd like to have the option to view this how I want.