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Sorting events by the date of the event

Sorting events by the date of the event

I would like to have the ability to sort my events by the newest to oldest based on the date they are occuring rather than the date they were created. Can this option be added to the sorting options?


It would be really helpful to have the ability to customize the main page (dashboard) to see the items you are following. The new design of the software makes it more difficult to find specific campaigns, etc. at a single glance. For example, if an event was created a while ago, it gets buried into the older campaigns, even if it is something that is still being worked on daily. If there was a way to flag the campaigns, emails, etc. that you're currently working on or following to default to appear on the main dashboard so that you're not having to dig through the different folders to find those items, that would be a huge help. Or, at least have the campaigns, emails, etc. that are getting the most traffic/use automatically pop up on the main page. I find the new design frustrating because only the latest items appear on the main page.

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It is hard to believe you would not put a sort for the date of the event.  I just spent 5 minutes trying to find my event.  I do not manage my events by the date I created it.  What would be great just add - high to low or a low to high for event date in the drop down.  I feel like saying "Shame on you".  A disconnect from you users.  I do understand how hard such a dramatic change is.  You have to setup for the future and generally it looks good.


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I agree. Too much space taken up in campaign view and homepage. Things spread out waaaaay tooooo much, that it makes it cumbersome to scroll and get to the info you want. Before one could easily and quickly see their information. New layout takes longer to go through, and also visually is awful and cluttered looking. The old view was much handier and simple to use. I do not like the new layout at ALL. I also dislike it when changes are made to supposedly 'improve' the product, but seem only to be made to make one think that improvements have been made. And this is NOT an improvement!  "If it isn't broken..."

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Please list events in chronological order of the Event date. Oct. 20 BP workshops are listed way down the list after many events that are already closed.
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The events should be sorted by event date.. When I try sort by A to Z it DOES NOT WORK>
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I have already had a long conversation with Customer Support about how the new listing of events in order of date creation does not work for our organization at all. In addition I realize that we can no longer see if an event is open or closed from the listing page. That would be helpful. Thank you.
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1. Can no longer sort by date of program. 2. Can no longer sort by number of registrants 3. Alphabetic search less than useful when many programs begin with "The". Prefer to be able to search by any word in title 4. A very important function we have requested repeatedly is automated reports on abandoned attempted registrations. We currently (until today) would check our most popular programs (sorting by registration) and look for abandoned registrations-- the vast majority of these convert once contacted, so we like to contact them quickly. The sort by number of registrations was a workaround, and is less important if we can get automated reports of abandoned registrations.
I would like to be able to find my events by date of event! I have over 600 events a year!