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Sorting events by the date of the event

Sorting events by the date of the event

I would like to have the ability to sort my events by the newest to oldest based on the date they are occuring rather than the date they were created. Can this option be added to the sorting options?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me the option to have my events listed by event date--not just created by! I don't understand why this was changed. Your new system now requires scrolling thru my entire list to find event I need all because I created my events for 2017 at same time. This is EXTREMELY time consuming and confusing. Because I have numerous events, I forget what I need to do by time I locate it in my list! Please don't fix what's not broken. I need an option for the list to display by event date--not limited to date event was created. I'm sorry but this change has been so time consuming. Thank you in advance for adding this option.
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Please add an option to sort "Events and Registrations" by date of event. Creation date is not useful for my organization that has dozens of events (usually all created in Constant Contact on the same date, but held throughout several months). I'm losing a lot of time trying to find my registration pages as there's no obvious order without the ability to sort by event date (like it was before!!!). thanks
We need to be able to sort events by date so they are in order. You could also provide alternate views so that a more compact view is available. It is cumbersome on small resolution screens to see multiple events.
Is there a way to sort the event campaigns by event date, versus the date it was created or last modified. I find it very difficult to locate my events with the new sorting limitations
Events are extremely hard to keep organized with the new set up. PLEASE organize by the date of event NOT when it was last modified. Thanks!
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I found it odd that when I selected a FEE for my event and then had multiple parts to sign up for, the attendee could only chose ONE fee. I had to put my sections of fee payment in the ITEMS FOR SALE, it looks weird to have my day event and my dinner event under ITEMS FOR SALE.

Also had trouble that if I added DONATIONS, they could only donate if they were NOT attending, also had to put my donations under ITEMS FOR SALE. That looks bad.


I completely agree.  Events organized by  Date of event is a really important feature that has been lost.   The current systems is very frustrating to use effectly.  Please give us the opportunity to organize by date of event.

I wanted to write you to express my utter dissatisfaction for the new format of the event dashboard on Constant Contact. It has made my job immensely more difficult not being able to clearly see events in date order. I take several calls and emails a day regarding registration for an event and when I can't easily sort by date to pull up an event, it puts me in an embarrassing situation when I cannot find the event page to assist them with registration. We have used Constant Contact for several years now and I have started looking for other event and newsletter management systems to replace our account with Constant Contact due to the the difficulty I have been having. The point of this system is to make my job as a marketer easier and that is not the current outcome of our relationship with your company. I sincerely hope that you will make a change to the system soon so that you don't lose business. I have heard from several people within my marketing network that they are having the same frustrating issues.
It makes no sense why you cannot sort your events by the date of the event.
There needs to be a option to organize events by the date that they are happening. NOT when they were created.