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Sorting events by the date of the event

Sorting events by the date of the event

I would like to have the ability to sort my events by the newest to oldest based on the date they are occuring rather than the date they were created. Can this option be added to the sorting options?

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It is very difficult to find emails and events with the new system. It would be great if:


- Emails could be sorted by Scheduled in Date Scheduled Order (not mixed in with other sorts)

- Events could be sorted by the date they occur, not last modified (not very helpful)


Last created order can sometimes be helpful, but I'm typically looking to see if there are conflicts in the dates things are scheduled. It's almost impossible to figure this out when I have a lot of things going on.

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Add a 'smart sort' order choice which'll use scheduled date then last-modified



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I need current events.
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Please have a sorting function that allows Event Campaigns to be listed in chronological order according to the actual date of the event.
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Love this idea- thanks!

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Can you also please have a mobile responsive layout on events so we can compete with the other event marketing tools? Thanks

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Whoever redesigned the event module apparently doesn't use Constant Contact for events. Events used to be easy to get to and were automatically listed in the order of the upcoming events. Now it's a mess.  


The most useful and most obvious way to display events is chronologically from nearest date to farthest date. Please add this option ASAP. 

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Prior to the recent update, events were listed in the order they would be occurring and not the date created, last modified etc.. I am requesting that this feature be reinstituted ASAP. It is immensely difficult to manage/monitor all of my events when I can't see them in a chronological list or sequence.