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Sorting events by the date of the event

Sorting events by the date of the event

I would like to have the ability to sort my events by the newest to oldest based on the date they are occuring rather than the date they were created. Can this option be added to the sorting options?

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Contact Contact management has known about this issue for months and their clients' issues with the lack of a chronological sort.


We brought bit to their attention before Christmas. Their customer service people said it was known months before that as soon as they started the roll out ofr the new release 


They are supposed to have been working on an update to the release that would include a chronological sort. We were given the Februrary-March 2017 timeframe for the release.


Holding our breaths. This is very painful. Productivity has plumented without that logical chronological sort. 


Good example of why you need customer testing of new updates to an existing system, especially when you are taking things away.

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I see that you now list the Start Date on the Campaign list page. Is there a plan to be able to sort by Start Date? This latest change is actually making things more difficult for us since we no longer see the Create Date. Thank you.
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This is a major issue for me as well. The new look sucks and makes it hard to find your events. I hate to leave, but I think its time.

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The new way of displaying upcoming events is not helpful for a quick review. It should be in date order.
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The new layout and functionality is not user friendly. I want to sort my events by Active and Done, this is not an option. The events are not able to be sorted by the day of the event and I have to sift through events that are Done to find the ones that I need to work with. Why would you allow sorting by date created rather than the event date? This makes no sense. I also want to file completed events into the appropriate folder, but that doesn't remove it from the master list. None of this works. It used to be better- why make things worse?!?
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please give me back to option of sorting by date sent/to-be-sent. It used to be like this by default. now it's gone. The sort by modified date isn't good enough. My pre-dated emails get lost in the shuffle and it drives me crazy!!
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Prior to the current setup, the campaigns/events you had the ability to view each event in the order of when the event date was. For instance, if I had an Art Event scheduled on April 15th and a workshop event scheduled on April 20th you could list them in that order. Now the only way to view the events is in the order of the date you created the event on Constant Contact. So now, when I look at the list I have events that already happened on April 3rd showing up before events that are going to happen on April 20th just because I created or modified that event more recently. It's extremely confusing and inconvenient to look through. Is there anyway to switch the display back to your original? It's also very hard to navigate on a mobile device. All in all, I miss the old way and I want it back, please!
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Change the sorting option from date of event rather than date created.  On my personal calendar the date I entered it not important but the date of the appointment is.  So if I want to see what is up for tomorrow I don't look up the dates I entered tomorrows appointments.  Make sense????