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Sorting events by the date of the event

Sorting events by the date of the event

I would like to have the ability to sort my events by the newest to oldest based on the date they are occuring rather than the date they were created. Can this option be added to the sorting options?

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When I went in to put in a new contacts, the entire right side of your contact list was nearly out of site. I couldn't move it over. I had to GUESS where the icon was to finish my addition. There was not a 'bar' at the bottom to move it over. Your screen is too large.
It would be great if the home page gave the most current campaigns rather than ones from 2013. This would be a way for us to quickly see what our most recent campaigns were! Loving the new interface!
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New software update is AWFUL. I have to click 5 times to get to my events. WHY?????????
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Please add an option to list events by date in the dashboard - that's the most relevant form of organizing events. I want to see the ones up coming - not things that have closed.
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Events are difficult to find not being able to sort by the date they are happening. On the last layout it was easier to sort and find events in order of when they are happening. Please add that as a way to sort.
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Please have an option to search Event Spot by date of the event NOT only the date it was created as the only choice. It takes SO long to search because I may create an event today for September. We have at least 10 events per month and will grow to 20 events over the next couple of months. It takes way to long to search.


Please advise.


Thank you,

Chris Glass


HI Constant Contact, Is there a way to organize previous campaigns into folders so that they are easier to find? Often we use the same message design from last year and copy to make edits. For example - Summer Camp Promos Right down, we have to just scroll down through the dates to find each one. If we are able to organize campaigns into folders, this would make it a lot easier!!
WHERE IS THE EVENTS TAB? Seriously. I created an event two months ago and now I have to scroll through two months of emails to find it. MM
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It's VERY frustrating to have to dig for my events rather than have them available when I log in with the new update. Please return access to the home page when I log in. Thank you.

The new layout takes a lot more time to navigate than before - it was great being able to click "Event Spot" knowing all I would see were different Events. I frequently refer back to past campagins for format, design or information that I may have sent 8-10 months ago; however sicne then I may have sent 25+ emails making the current search process cumbersome. I utilize multiple functions offered by Constant Contact  - Email, Event Spot, Survey - so the list of All Campaigns is not helpful. The separation of the functions offered in the last version was great - no confusion, easy to access. If separation isn't an option, then more sort by options would help tremendously (Ex. Sort by Campaign Type: Event Spot, Email, Survey; Search Bar options - by campaign name).