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Sorting events by the date of the event

Sorting events by the date of the event

I would like to have the ability to sort my events by the newest to oldest based on the date they are occuring rather than the date they were created. Can this option be added to the sorting options?

Please consider adding a sort feature to the 'Events & Registrations' section of the Campaign section that allows you to sort by event date. The current sort features are VERY time consuming and isn't particularly helpful when you have over 100 events posted. Thank you!
We really need our event campaign listing to be in order of date of event. Disappointed the new dashboard does not have this feature.
Please add a sort category in the drop down of "Active."
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What a disaster!!!


The new update took the events listings from chronological order to date created order. I am in total shock!


We create our events 5-6 months before they occur. We do  not create then in any special order. As they come together we post them. Therefore, with the new sorting order we are finding next weeks events listed 6-8 pages back with October and August events.


I called customer service and they said they are getting a lot of calls on the issue but there is no solution. They offered a few workarounds like to create a folder for each month's events and then spend the time to comb through the list of events and move them into the correct monthly folder as you find them. That will be hours of work with a very unacceptable result. We operate 225 events a year and post them 6 months in advance.


If this is not fixed fast we need to move over to a competitor.


I hate this new format - we have always like the fact that all events are listed in the order that they are coming up. We have a lot of events open at the same time and this new format won't allow us to put them in date order, other than the date they're set up. That makes no sense to us. This needs to be addressed asap.

My top event was created 2 years ago. Is there a way to change this?
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I have archived two emails which appear on my main screen. It doesn't make sense to see items which have been archived above events which are currently running. It doesn't make sense to also see past events on the main screen above the current events. It's a waste of valuable space. Can this be changed?

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Thanks for the feedback @BeverlyR9.


Can you tell me more about the order you would like to see your campaigns appear?

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I would like to see active events, then recent emails. After that, the most recent events then emails.