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Stripe processing

Stripe processing

Please add Stripe as an option for credit card processing in Event Spot

Status changed to: New

Thanks for posting this feedback!

Status changed to: Voting Open
Occasional Contributor

 not sure what you mean by voting open, but I am all for it

Solution Provider
Please consider utilizing STRIPE as on of your merchants. I currently have an account with Stripe and they deliver my funds within 2 business days. This is wonderful. Please, Please consider Stripe as a business partner.
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Give us back the old views to see emails (draft, scheduled and sent) in one place and event list sorted by event start date in another. I oversee the CC marketing for our nonprofit and the old views were an easy way to make sure my colleagues had created the events and associated invitation emails.  


The current views are unfriendly.  The event list has so much information that I can't see all our events at a glance without scrolling to a new page or listing 40. Several events are listed out of order of the scheduled date because the sort is by last modified.


Finally, some autoresponder email pops at the top of the list and I can't delete it.


With all these basic problems with usability, I haven't had a chance to find the improvements in this system.

Occasional Visitor

You say you are listening, but when I look over previous requests back to 2016 for Stripe for Canadian customers, you are not listening.  So now, although we are a long time customer, we have no choice but to move on to a new product.  Constant Contact was an industry leader many years ago, but has drastically fallen behind other products on the market and are now archaic in design and use and offerings.  I'm disappointed, as we are loyal customers, but feel we have no choice but to move on.  It was recommended by your customer service to use EventBrite, but honestly, we have a subscription with CC, so now your own people are telling me to pay $100 to get a better product.  Even your own customer service is agreeing that Constant Contact is no longer a viable option for us.

CTCT Employee

Hello @TaniaM54899,

I'm am very sorry that it feels like we are not listening, but I promise that we are. I want to learn more about what you want to use stripe for. Is it primarily just for our Events feature or would you need it for other areas as well? Is there a reason you prefer Stripe over other options that we currently offer?