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Hi there!


Here is a possible suggestion that would make Eventspot a lot more user-friendly for Association Managers and Event Managers.  


I love the access code feature on EventSpot, but would love it even more if it were possible to create a hyperlink to the registration page with the access code pre-applied.  I've seen this feature on other event registration sites, but I still prefer Constant Contact's overall package.  This feature would simply be the cherry on top!



Members of X Association get a special Membership Price that they can only access by using a special code (let's say CODE123).  Right now, the admin of Association X would have to send out the code separately to the members of the Association, and a different email to everyone else.  


If the admin wanted to only send an invite to non-responders of the event, s/he would need to post the 'CODE123' elsewhere (let's say in a password protected area of the Association's website) and require members to retrieve this code, and then go back to the registration page and apply the code.


Ideally, the admin could instead post a special link in the password-protected area of the website that would bring the member to the registration page and would automatically apply the 'CODE123' code to the registration page.

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Thanks Karen, great feedback! 

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