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We send a request for feedback for each of our 26 programs each semester. They all all the same - can we get a summary of each semester?


HI @Transformations

Thanks for posting! Can you tell me more about what you are looking for? How do you ask for feedback, is this from your customers? Are you looking for a cumulative report of some kind? If so, what type of information you would like included?



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We are using the constant contact Survey tool.  We have approx 30 classes per semester and all of the Survey have the same questions.


We have created a survey that we are using as a template.  We make a copy of the template.  then schedule an email to the program participants to arrive while they are attending the class.  At the end of the class we ask the participants to get out their phones and take the survey.  Not all have phones with email, so we also provide paper copies.  After the event, we enter the answers on the paper copies. 


We would like to have a report that would show the numbers etc... similiar to the email reports but instead of sent, opens and clicks it would summarize the results of the survey.  How many issued, how many returned,  etc...


Thanks for all this detail, very helpful. It sounds similiar to the idea of a cumulative report but your thoughts on what should be included is very helpful.

Thanks again!

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