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I would like the Survey to appear Full Width or close to it. On my Android - the Survey has what appears to be 10-15% Padding/Margin on both the Right and Left so it's not appearing as large as it could. Our emails work just fine in this Manner, so I would like the Surveys to mimic that behavior.
the print got really small on my survey when I tried to take it on my phone. Most of our attendees will take the survey that way - would be nice if it looked better on mobile devices
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You must have a mobile optimization for your surveys. It forces me to spend money on another program or completely switch if you don't.

Occasional Participant

Being the 'big' player in electronic marketing you should really have all you tools responsive. Your competitors all have responsive surveys.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Thank you for the feedback.  I'm opening this up for voting.

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