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Should allow Survey notification settings to be set for each individual survey instead of one setting for all surveys. Different surveys may need to go to different people in an organization. Also, allow notifications to be sent to multiple addresses. These are addresses that shouldn't need to be verified since they are not necessarily addresses that messages will be sent from, so a simple field such as the one used to enter multiple address for sending a test/preview email.
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Thanks for posting this feedback!

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We use the survey tool for a questionnaire on our website. I was able to link it and it looks great and functions well, but I don't get a notification when someone takes it. I also can't get anyone who takes it immediate on to an email autoresponder campaign. It would be excellent if you could add these two functions to your suvey tool. Recap: 1. send a notification when someone takes the questionnaire. 2. Move anyone who takes the questionnaire immediately onto the SH Health Questionnaire Autoresponder list. Thank you, Victoria
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It would be great if I could get notified whenever anyone fills out the survey. Is that possible?
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Hello @AviU,


At this time this is not possible in our system, thank you for providing this feedback. I've passed it along for voting.

It would be great if you could have survey results pinged in an email to whoever you choose (not just verified admins) as they happen.
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