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New Survey Product Stinks!!!

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Hi @MadeleineC22756  we're sorry to hear you feel this way! What about our updated survey product does not currently fit your needs?

This new survey product seems to be missing a LOT of functionality from the old survey.  From the first survey that I created (and am now going to have to go back and re-create), here's what I noticed that is missing:


  • Rate items on a scale
  • Skip question logic
  • Allow users to enter a comment
  • Contact block questions (collecting respondent information) w/ options to add to contact list or not)
  • Long text answers (500 limit current, compared to old 1000 character limit)
  • Landing / Closing pages


This new survey product feels like a significant step backward, not an improvement.


Don Dinnerville

Senior Account Executive, Madeleine Crouch & Company


We agree. We may need to find a new tool - this is a major step backwards. 

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Hi @MadeleineC22756


Thanks for following up with these details! The good news is a lot of the feature requests are ideas we are currently collecting feedback on. In fact we recommend sharing your need for these features directly on their specific threads:



As for adding contacts to a list, are you looking for respondents that fully complete a survey to be automatically added to a list in your account? Also, where in your survey campaigns would you like more than 500 characters? What are some cases where you would need more?

You acknowledged Dholloway, but I was the one who made the comment.


Re: "we are currently collecting feedback on."  With all due respect - you all have been collecting feedback for a year on these things.  The links you posted are dated 7/9, 4/2, 3/11, 5/3, and 3/26 - all 2021.  Why would we think that adding comments to threads that have all been open and voted up by numerous users would change anything?


Re: "Contact block questions (collecting respondent information) w/ options to add to contact list or not)" - the primary focus here is not in automatically adding it to the list, but in collecting contact information from survey respondents - exactly like the old survey product did.  As it stands, I have to add a separate survey question for each piece of contact information I wish to collect - a wild inconvenience.  And if you'll do that, then yes, we'd also like the ability for the respondent to opt-in to communication if they're not already - exactly like the old survey product did.


The increase from 500 to 1000 characters (again, something where we're just asking for a return to the way the old survey product did it) - if we host a conference and are asking for general feedback about speakers, topics, the venue, etc. - it'd be nice if our respondents didn't have limit themselves to roughly 60 words.  This is a great example of a programming decision dictating limits on user behavior rather than user behavior driving the programming.


Hi @MadeleineC22756


We apologize for any confusion my last comment on this thread may have caused. The more request a thread like the ones shared receive the higher of a priority it can be given by our Product Team. In fact, here is a section of our Community that helps explain what we do with our customer’s feedback. With that said there also is a thread focused on allowing more characters in open answer questions for survey pages. We would recommend sharing your need for that feature on its thread as well.

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