Survey Test Page Marking

On the "test page" have something that says "Test Page" either a watermark or text.

I must have used the link to the test page instead the actual survey page link when I made the link on our website. The link provided in the email blast was correct but the link on the website had the test page link.


We only recorded half of the survey responses... Oh well, live and learn. 

Status changed to: Voting Open

Thank you for sharing your feedback!

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 Yes, I am in favor of adding a watermark.

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A watermark would be great. 


But you may have also experienced a glitch I am trying to sort out. On a couple of recent surveys I have copied the correct link (from the only place you can once you hit publish) and yet they are somehow defaulting to the TEST page. 


To make matters worse, the link when pasted into a hyperlink in a CC email, doesn't work and goes to the test. BUT when the same link is hyperlinked on ourweb page or through Outlook works! 


This has only happened on our surveys created after April (and seems to be the reverse of your problem), but that doesn't mean it isn't something in the background of CC.