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Survey Tool Functionality is Very Klunky

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I've been disappointed with the survey tool. First, it seems inefficient to create an email in the survey section, and then go back to the events registration section to download the list of attendees to excel, then to upload it to your contacts, only to go back and finally send the survey email. Second, I'm trying to send follow-up emails to the participants who have not yet completed the survey and it is way too time consuming. I just spoke with a rep and I'm still not sure I even know how to do it. With sending out 10 surveys this week, this is way too much time; what is going to happen is I'll end up using my own email system (outlook) instead, which defeats the purpose of having Constant Constant.


Hi SheilaC053 , 

I understand the frustration, this sounds like a lot of steps! Are you sending a followup survey to one set of registrants or do you have several events?

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