Survey that can be modified and sent to an individual that is a current contact.

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I would advise enhancing your survey format to allow a survey to be sent to one individual from a contact list by checking the box next to that individual. Additionally the subject line should be able to be modified as well as the salutation. As an example: I am a Real Estate Agent. I wish to procure feedback from another Agent who has shown one of my properties. I wish to use a survey template which I have created. I can now go into a past survey to copy it and modify the subject line and the salutation although it does require 7 steps to do so (streamlining this would be nice). Once that is completed however, I have to create a single person contact list as opposed to selecting a person who is already in one of my contact lists. This is very cumbersome. I think your survey has great potential for Retailers who wish to provide an individual survey to a Customer as as well. By making this application easier and marketing this tool, I believe you would be able to increase the users of Surveys greatly. I wouldn't wait and I would be happy to test this and assist you with the development. Thank you, Rick Mullen
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