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I absolutely NEED to be able to have a survey which can be filled out multiple times by the same people.  If this is something that cannot be worked around in a timely manner, I will be forced to move our marketing to a competing platform. 


I need to have 1 survey published that our customers can follow the same link to and fill out with their order information to gather useful feedback from them.  Im being told that there is absolutely no way to do this unless i request all 5000 of our customers to continually clear their browser cache and cookies.  Please Please Please Please add a feature that allows my survey to be taken multiple times.  We also use our sales staff to solicit answers via telephone and fill out the survey on behalf of our customers.  This entire process is absolutely critical for us.


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Hi @AmericanPiezo,


By default, our system encodes each survey link that is sent through a Constant Contact email campaign with a unique link for each contact. This is why, normally, surveys can only be responded to once per customer. We do have a workaround, with a caveat though. If you take the link to the survey ( and put it through a link shortener like those offered by or tinyurl, you can then send that shortened link and there will be no limit to how many people can take the survey, even on the same computer. You can also use the survey link itself, as long as it is not sent through a Constant Contact email. However, any survey responses that come through this way will be anonymous. Our survey system can only identify who is taking the survey by the unique links that are encoded when emails containing the entire survey link are sent. If you want to be able to identify who submitted each response, you will want to include a question asking for personal information as well.


Thank you for your feedback!

Rob L.

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