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Your new survey program is not as good as the old one. Difficult to use. Why, when you have a good product do you mess with it?

I agree! We may need to find another tool because of this!

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Hi @JoannaC and @LauraB755  we’re sorry to hear you both feel this way about our updated survey tool.  What about this system do you feel is difficult to use? Any further details we can collect is helpful information for our Product Team to have.


I posted about this in my own post. Almost all of the previous functionality that made it a meaningful survey tool is now gone. It is very problematic. Ranking questions, comments, skip logic, reporting functionality, etc. We need our survey tool to integrate with our contact list so we may need to stop using CC entirely. 

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I have also asked your CSR to please keep the legacy survey past the June 30 2021 deadline.  The response was a thank you for my feedback. I agree with the above. The newer survey is not as thorough and we are currently shopping for a replacement for CC. If you can just keep the legacy that gives your customers a choice. 

Thank you


Hi @LauraB755 thanks for sharing these details! You are correct, these feature requests were also mentioned in your previous feedback post as well. In fact on this thread we recommended commenting or voting on the active feature request threads we have for having the ability to include skip logicallow users to enter a comment, and edit the closing Thank You page. The more requests and votes a feature receives the higher a priority it can receive by our Product Team.


Hi @SandeeW2 though the legacy survey campaigns are being retired, we're always open to ways we can better our user's experience. What are some of the features that you're looking for that may not yet be available? We want to make sure these requests are properly tracked on your behalf.

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I am so happy I found this post. I work for a boutique law firm outside of Chicago and made the decision to use Constant Contact when they had their Legacy Survey over Survey Monkey. We send surveys after initial conferences and after a matter has closed and need a robust survey tool. The new tool makes it so difficult to have a survey with more than 3 questions. You also no longer have the option to rank satisfaction. I am also completely confused about how to send the survey. Previously, we were able to one survey open, re-send to previous receivers and also send to new contacts added to a list. It seems like now I should create a new email and list every time I want to send a survey. Has anyone else found another workaround? Thank you!


Hi @KathyM99. What about the product makes it difficult to create a survey with more than three questions? In regards to your other feedback, I would recommend either commenting or voting on the following ideas. This way, you are notified of any changes or updates on our end:


Rank multiple items within a table 

Rank items numerically with dropdowns

Resend survey to non-respondents


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@Caitlin_M Thank you for the information. The Legacy Survey tool set the survey up on a serious of pages. For example, questions 1 and 2 on page 1 and a button to continue. The new survey tool appears as one page which seems very overwhelming and really only suitable for quick feedback. Our surveys go into detail about experiences in a conference and working with attorneys, etc. 

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After copying an old survey to update and re-send I saw the note that there was a new survey tool.  Thought I'd check it out, then assumed I was just not able to find what I was expecting to see, so wound up here looking for help.


I don't think I've ever made a survey without skip logic.  I'm stumped as to how the new tool can be considered an upgrade without that feature, being able to put questions on separate pages, etc.  Yes, the old tool wasn't flashy to use, but the surveys did what we needed.  I'd happily stay with the ugly old tool that worked than the flashy one that doesn't - so please keep the legacy survey tool or put *all* current survey functions into the new tool. 


The ability to simply click a button to upgrade old surveys to the new tool, once all survey features are supported, would be nice, too.

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