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I would like to be able to modify a survey once it is published.  To have to create a new survey to modify or add one question is cumbersome.  Could there be a way to un publish and modify, then re publish?

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Hi @MarkL8796 where in your survey campaign are you looking for the option to modify an already published campaign? Currently users can modify a published survey through the edit option found under the campaign's detail page.




Does this option help fit your needs?

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Thanks Frankie!  After I clicked on edit, I wasn't clicking in the survey body to actually go into edit mode.  This is just for the new survey pages, correct?  There is not a way to edit old surveys, corrrect?


Hi @MarkL8796. Legacy surveys have limited editing options like our survey pages. You can edit the question and answer text. However, you cannot move/add/delete questions or answer options. Although we are not making any further updates to our legacy product, would you like to have more editing options with survey pages in order to add questions or modify the question type?

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