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I just created a survey using the new Survey Page (as the old format is not going to be in use after June/July 2021). At the end of the survey, there is a button to SUBMIT your survey. I made several questions "required". Apparently, when my people are hitting the SUBMIT button and they neglected to put an answer in one of the "required" answer slots, the survey will allow the user to hit the SUBMIT button without an error message stating that they need to complete a "required" field. The majority of my people think that when they hit the SUBMIT button, they are done and the survey is complete. Not so! I had 26 attempts and only 3 completed surveys. Apparently, you must receive a note stating, "Thank you for your submission". Who knew? Can you please fix your software ASAP so that when they hit the SUBMIT button and if they left a "required" field blank, they receive an error code stating to return and populate a "required" field. Thank you, Pattie Thayer, Michigan Sheriffs' Association.
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Hi @MSA83 thanks for sharing this feedback with us! When you hit submit you do get an error message?


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