Unable to Edit Color Hex Code Value on Landing Page

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Unable to Edit Color Hex Code Value on Landing Page

for the lead generation landing page, I am trying to use our company colors- which requires me to type in the special letter/numbers. I'm not able to type in the special codes for my company's colors in the advanced search. Glitch? When will it be fixed?

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Hi @EmilyF822 what are the steps you're taking to update the colors on your lead generating landing page? What kind of color codes are you expecting to be able to insert?

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When selecting the colors of the font, buttons, and links in the landing page design you can't type in the HEX code for the color. My company has very strict color standards to match our logo and it's really difficult to manually match up the HEX color for the "sign up" button. This might be an issue in other parts of the site too, but I haven't used it enough to be sure.
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Happy with the email design functioning-- we are able to manually type in color codes that we have chosen for our brand colors, but the issue is with the Lead Generation Landing Pages. We are unable to change the color code to our branding colors. 


Click on Design -> Outer Background -> Advanced. We're able to move the slider around to look at the different colors, but we are unable to just type in the specific code we are looking for. I'd rather not move the slider around until I find our specific brand color, so being able to type the color code into the box would be incredibly helpful. 

Is this being implemented? We tried it on two different computers on two different browsers, so I don't think it's user error. Anyone else having this issue? 


Thank you!