Unable to preview event with closed registration

We should be able to preview our work when we are editing the fields without having to save, finish and re-open the event.  Right now, if you choose "preview" it says event is closed.  We should be able to preview the full registration page without re-opening the event. 

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Hello @first5association


Thank you, this is great feedback. I've opened this post for voting.

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Agreed!  This is so frustrating!

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In order edit a registration form for an open event, you have to close registration. This makes sense. However, once you edit the form, if you click "preview" the form doesn't show with your edits, just a message that says "registration is closed." This makes the preview completely useless once the event has been opened and makes editing really clunky. You have to finish editing, reopen registration, and then go to the live form to see what the results of your edits are. Please fix this.
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