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I am sending invitations for a PRIVATE event and find it a little odd that Constant Contact does not currently allow the removal of Facebook/Twitter links from an entire event (for example: my potential guests will receive a confirmation message just after registering and the links will be visible...giving them the illusion that they can share the information). After talking with Customer Service, I was told that this is the one area that those links can not be removed from. Please work at getting this resolved as soon as possible.
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HI @CorrineK96 

Thanks for posting. I am sorry for the confusion. There shouldn't be linksd in the confirmation email the registrants recieves and you can remove them from other places of the event. There are some other things you can do in your event to make sure it's totally private. 


  • Hide your event fees and use an Access code so only those invited can register. If you have hidden fees the registrant would only see the fee they have entered the code for. 
  • Uncheck the boxes on your Event basics to show the date, time and place of the event. 
  • Uncheck the box giving your registrants the ability to forward your invitations and event-related emails.
  • To limit the information that can be shared about your event, skip creating an event landing page, or remove it from your event.
  • Disable the event from your event calendar; this also prevents your registrants from sharing the event on their social networking sites when they complete the registration form.
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