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I like and depend on the promo codes - however it would be very helpful to create universal promo codes that can be check boxed on/off within eventspot programs.  Is this currently possible?

currently i have to add each promo code to each new event (fortunately when you copy a program you have all the codes).  BUT for new programs, need to add each one. 

anyway - just a small enhancement that would help.  thanks

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Hi Stephen, 


Pre-populated/ Universal promo codes are currently not available in EventSpot. We give you the ability to create your own so you can customize them depending on your event. But I understand what you're looking for --- the ability to have existing codes and to save your own so you don't have to create them with each new event --- I think that's a great suggestion! Please continue voting for this and other enhancements you would like to see.


Thanks for your feedback!


Anna Navarro

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