Very Frustrated with Event Software - confusion is causing too many mistakes from the public

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I have called twice and gave feedback, but just got another confused customer due to the layout of your event registrations and need to submit another feedback piece.


People do not realize they are an automatic ticket if they are filling out the form. They then put themselves in the additional ticket count and end up with an extra ticket. We have had to issue too many refunds and request this be addressed asap.


You can easily fix this by not counting a ticket until someone puts in "How Many Tickets Are You Ordering" I have never seen an event registration like this and am disappointed as a client. Please address this. I had to put in wording for people to double check their order but it is not stopping the errors.


Another issue, I have had three people tell me they never received the receipt email and had trouble with the We Pay timing out.


Please fix the language so I do not need to go back to your competitor.  

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I am hosting a breakfast with 3 time periods, I am using "items" to provide an option to submit the times, its has a FREE price next to it which looks arkward. The registration has person 1 but when you add additional people tend to count the original registrant. The items does not have an option to match the total registration leaving us with phone calls to make. I like the product, needs more options.
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Your system is without a doubt the most complex, least user-friendly system that I have worked with for sending simple emails, etc. Today's example, I wanted to share our survey to a couple people that didn't get one. There is no "share" feature. There is a "send an invitation" which, of course, doesn't and ends up creating a whole new email. Then when you learn that, it saves your "invite" in drafts and there is no "delete" method that I have found yet. Frustrating is putting it mildly.
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You should try to follow all the useguide, I think constantcontact is not very hard to use

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