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Viewing Results Needs To Be Simpler and with More Information.

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Viewing Results Needs To Be Simpler and with More Information.

I love the front end of the Surveys!  I think it's easy to set up, and has just about all of the functionality we're looking for.  The big problem I have is with the back end, specifically the results area.  We used another company for our surveys and it was MUCH simpler to access and export the collected data.  This is very important to us and if that area isn't significantly improved, we'll have to go back to that company.  Here are my suggestions:


1.  In the Individual Results, when you click on a list to view the surveys, it should also list the respondent's Name and Company.  It currently only has their email address.

2.  When you go to view an Individual Results survey, please list the same contact information:  Name, Company, Email, etc.

3.  I'd love to have the ability to export EACH survey, not just the overall results.  We currently export each survey to a pdf and upload them to our CRM for reference.

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We used a previous survey company and the results were much easier to interpret than on Constant Contact.  Not only did you get their survey answers, but you also got all of their contact information for quick reference.  We were then able to export their survey results and save it to their account in our CRM.

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Thanks for sharing these ideas, Pam!

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