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Dear Constant Contact


I am a Labor Union Organization.  As such, membership is required to vote on various things.  Most can be open/public, meaning, one can see how one voted like you can in your survey application.  However, during elections, voting must be done by secret ballot.


My request-suggestion that might attract more organizations to join your enterprise is within your SURVEY application, to be able to customize to call it VOTING or POLLING and to allow secret voting.


Thank you for your time and efforts.


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Hi @FirstNameL66439. I apologize that this reply is a bit delayed. You can create a survey and control its anonymity for voting in your organization. Although it will show as a survey in your account, you can customize it to your liking and include the information needed for the secret ballot. If it is distributed using the steps in the attached link, you can review reporting without knowing how each person voted. Is this what you were looking for?

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Thank you for the reply.  I am already doing what you speak of.  The issue is when it comes to election of persons (officers) it must be by secret ballot, but also need to ensure no one is loading the ballot box, one person, one vote.


The admin of the survey must ensure only authorized persons only cast one vote, but at the same time they must not see how that person voted.  They must not be able to see individual answers but ensure the targeted email receiptant only votes once (1).  I hope this explains what I would like to see in future version in Constant Contact.  Feel free to contact me.


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Hi @FirstNameL66439. Those are excellent points and thank you so much for providing them. It's very helpful. I'll open this up for voting and for additional commentary from our customers. 


I agree that this capability would be very useful. 
Our contact list has separate mailing lists for members only and for general public distribution.
A voting ballot type campaign email would be sent only to members.  Responses should be allowed only once from each member, so that multiple voting can't take place.  Reports should not show who voted for whom.  
Voting choices for each office or item should allow a defined(selectable) number choices, and a defined(selectable) number of 'write-in' choices.
An office election for example:  Person 1;  Person 2; Person 3; Person 4; or Write-in Person.
An item survey for example:  Defined Item 1; Defined Item 2;  Write-in Item A; Write-in Item B; Write-in item C;

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