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Waiting List Option & Closed Registration Message

Waiting List Option & Closed Registration Message

Could you please create a waiting list option for events with an area to include a custom message saying that "this session/event is currently full. Please click here if you would like to receive notice of changes in availability openings or additionally scheduled sessions/similar events. It would be good to know who is wanting to register after an event is closed. Perhaps that information can be generated by looking at who is clicking on the registration links from the event announcement. Thank you!
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While our online registration is closed, participants can still register for our event in-store or by phone before the event. Unfortunately the phrasing "Registration is closed" seems like all registration is complete, even though that's not the case. I have not been able to find a way to edit this text; would be great to have an ability to change this.
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An added feature to this section would be a field to add an email address that when an event limit is reached, a email is automatically sent to let a specific person know the new status.
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Is there still no event waiting list feature?? We have limited seats available and really need to create waiting lists. 

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Waitlist registration functionality desired!  "Registration closed" messaging is bad marketing.


Would be great if events could have a wait list that a guest could be put on even after registration is closed.

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The message that appears when an event has reached capacity is currently set to : "Registration is closed. The registration limit has been met." This text should be updatable. It would be nice if we could alert our users that they can email us to be added to our waitlist. Example: